Terry Lieffers, a Grand Valley State University graduate and Grand Rapids native, is a thrid generation carpenter. He has been in construction industry for 31 years, over half of which were spent solely in framing. Since 1980, he has been focusing mainly on remodeling because he enjoys the wide variety of work and the opportunity for creative problem solving.
Conscientious, hard word working and diligent Terry is constantly improving his craftsmanship and keeping up with the latest developments in materials and techniques. He takes particular pride in perfecting details many would not notice. He understands that having a stranger working in your home can be stressful and so strives to keep the site clean and the dust from the rest of the house. Working alone, he is able to focus on one job at a time, until it is done. When he does hire a subcontractor, he chooses only those who share his business and service philosophy. This work is his profession, not just his job.

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